VERG Member Highlights

Sarah Kelton

Sarah Kelton plays many roles in her life. At Berkeley Lab she is a senior talent acquisition partner, a recruiter, in the Human Resources division. In her personal life, she is a mother and military wife. Elements sat down with Sarah to discuss the intricacies of military family life and what Veterans Day means to her. Read the full interview>>

Linsey Servin

In honor of Veterans Day, Elements is profiling veterans across the Lab. Meet Linsey Servin, Army veteran and Electronics Technologist with the Security and Emergency Services Division, who joined Berkeley Lab in July 2023. Linsey took the time to share about her military experience and what Veterans Day means to her. Read the full interview>>

Asmita Patel

Asmita Patel, the Deputy Division Director, Operations for the Lab’s Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics Division, is a proud military mother and active Veterans Employee Resource Group member. In this interview, she shares how being the parent of an active duty service member influences her work with veteran outreach and what Veterans Day means to her. Read the full interview>>

When things go awry in the wake of an emergency, Ayla Quesada kicks into high gear to keep the Lab running as smoothly and safely as possible. Ayla, as the Lab's Business Continuity Coordinator, plans contingencies and helps build resilience for the Lab's science mission and operationsRead the full interview>>

Kevin Nguy

Kevin Nguy, an Electrical Project Manager in the Projects & Infrastructure Modernization Division and the incoming co-chair for the Veterans Employee Resource Group shares his reasons for joining the Navy and the Lab, and his thoughts on the skills veterans bring to their work.  Read the full interview>>

Stephany Tone

Like many in her generation, the events of September 11, 2001, were a catalyst that put Stephany Tone on a career path that led her to Berkeley Lab. Stephany is new to the Lab, joining this year during the pandemic. She spent five and a half years in the Navy serving in the Military Police.
Learn more about Stephany's experience.

Blair Edwards

Blair Edwards didn’t come from a military family, but he and his wife, who also served, have started a military dynasty. He entered the U.S. Army from high school after he took the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB) as part of his high school graduation requirements. The results showed him new options which included travel and five years in Hawaii.
Learn more about Blair's experience.

Jason Bush & Abiola Ashorobi

The co-chairs of the Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG), Jason Bush and Abiola Ashorobi, both served, so they understand the perspective of veterans. This background helps develop the goals they have for the ERG, which also serves as a business resource group.  Read the full interview >>