Latin American and
Native American (LANA) ERG


The purpose of the LANA ERG is to:

  • Advance a diverse and inclusive work environment for Latin American and Native American employees

  • Develop a community of employees to celebrate the diverse cultures and unique gifts that Latin American and Native Americans bring to Berkeley Lab

  • Increase visibility and awareness of the LANA community through internal and external activities

  • Attract, retain, empower, and inspire Latin American and Native American employees to achieve their fullest potential across the spectrum of employment opportunities at Berkeley Lab

  • Bring awareness to Latin American and Native American students to STEM and Operations fields


  • Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples Day

  • Celebrate Day of the Dead

  • Speakers

  • Movies

Past News & Events

2020 Accomplishments

  • Created a Dia de Los Muertos Ofrenda in the cafeteria entryway for the lab community to honor their loved ones.

  • Movie showing – Coco.

  • Participated in National Labs ERG leadership summit at LLNL.

  • Worked with creative services to design a new logo.

  • Ordered 2 banners with LANA new Logo for Heritage months (see above).

  • Highlighted 4 members in the "Elements" 3Q4 series (see below).

  • Hosted 4 Cafecito Social Hours in the month of September

Steering Committee

Executive Sponsor

Blake Simmons, Division Director, Biological Systems and Engineering