Asian pacific islander ERG

Mission Statement

The Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group is committed to:

  • Ensuring API employees have access to the support and capacity building they need to reach their fullest potential,

  • Sharing and raising awareness about issues facing API employees and the community at large,

  • Educating the Lab community about rich and varied cultures encompassed by API heritage,

  • Partnering with other ERGs to ensure equity of opportunity and recognition for all,

  • Serving as a resource for the wider Lab community to further the IDEA effort,

  • Standing in solidarity against racial inequity and discrimination in all forms within our Lab community and work to build an environment that provides equal respect and opportunity for all.

Vision Statement

We visualize our Lab community as a place in which API members can bring their whole selves to work and be valued and receive support to reach their fullest potential; a diverse community that affirms the contributions of and supports each individual; a community that celebrates each other and stands up for each other.


  • December 16, 2021 Member meeting - slides


2020 Accomplishments

  • Launched new ERG

  • Hosted API ERG Kickoff event with 47 attendees

  • Finalized API leadership

  • Planned FY21 activities, outreach, speakers and events.

Steering Committee

  • Sandy Roth, Co-Chair

  • Carol Chien, Co-Chair

  • Tina Clarke, Chief Administrative Officer

  • Baishakhi Bose, Chief Administrative Officer

  • Ruby Barcklay, Chief Membership & Communications Officer

  • Patrick Cheng, Chief Membership & Communications Officer

  • Madelyn Bello, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Massie Ballon, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Suksham Barun, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Alicia Chang, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Lida Gifford, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Angela Kumar, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Michael Lee, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Joanna Martinez, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Steffani Rondeau, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Najm Us Saqib, Steering Committee Member At-Large

  • Quang Tran, Steering Committee Member At-Large


  • Media - Book Club/Movies/Music Appreciation

  • Culture - Cultural & Social Events/Food/Language

  • Operational - API Logo Design/ERG Member Recognition/Pulse Surveys

  • Talks - Museum Culture Talk/Round Table Discussions

Executive Sponsor

Inder Monga, Executive Director ESnet, Division Director Scientific Networking

Contact Information

Contact the API Steering Committee: