API Heritage stories

To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,
members of the API ERG shared their personal heritage stories.

Sandy Roth, Interim Senior Human Resources Division Partner, is Chinese-Vietnamese-Cambodian-American. She shares the story of her mother whose family faced famine in China and genocide in Cambodia before immigrating to the U.S., and of her experiences growing up in a multi-cultural household. Watch her video.

Aditi Chakravarty, Group Leader and Principal Strategist of the Learning and Organizational Development Office, lives in Oakland, thousands of miles from her family’s roots in South Asia. Her paternal grandparents migrated from what is now Bangladesh to West Bengal in the midst of religious violence, and her parents continued the journey to the U.S. Aditi tells her family’s story.

Ruby Barcklay, who does marketing and communications for the Intellectual Property Office and for Strategic Communications, immigrated to the U.S. when she was 18. She shares how political and economic pressures shaped her parents’ lives and her own experience growing up half-Filipino and half-Chinese. Watch her story.

How did a mixed race orphan survive World War II in the Philippines to thrive in the U.S.? Janie Pinterits, a program manager in the IDEA office, shares her father’s inspiring story.

Arica Chhay, a senior administrator in the Physical Sciences Area, is a Cambodian-American whose family fled war, famine, and genocide in Cambodia to settle in the U.S. She shares her family’s story of struggle and growth.