To address issues that affect the careers of women scientists and engineers, Berkeley Lab created the Women Scientists & Engineers Council (WSEC). The WSEC and Berkeley Lab’s Human Resources Department work in partnership to determine priorities and develop strategies for recruitment, retention, work life balance, and the empowerment of women scientists and engineers. Subcommittees focus on target areas and to address specific challenges. Key activities include:

    • Engaging division leaders in recruitment, retention, and development

    • Improving policies for work-life balance

    • Empowering women scientists through training and meeting people of influence

The WSEC is different from a traditional ERG because it is made up of members who are both Division-appointed as well as volunteers. There are three subcommittees that meet separately to work on WSEC goals: policy, networking, and empowerment. WSEC members meet quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

Celebrating Women

Building on the DOE’s Women @ Energy: STEM Rising project, the WSEC has held four Women@ The Lab events between 2013 - 2020. Read profiles of our honorees on the Women @ The Lab website.

The Visible Spectrum series spotlights talented, dedicated women employees at the Lab.

In 2020, all four SLAM award recipients were women.


  • Monthly networking brown bags and coffee hours

  • Women@ The Lab event for FY20

  • Empowerment workshops

  • Celebrate Women's History Month

Past News & Events

  • Policy - Chairs: Laurie Stephey, Sandra Ciocio

  • Networking - Chairs: Elizabeth Stuart, , Teresa Calarco

  • Empowerment - Chairs: Rita Kuo, Hang Deng

More information on committee missions, initiatives and accomplishments: WSEC Subcommittees


  • Chair: Ina Reichel

  • Vice-Chair: Tammara Campbell

  • Chair Emeritus: Sole Toledano

  • Secretaries: Lauren Lui and Susan Tsutakawa

  • Subcommittee Chairs: Elizabeth Stuart, Laurie Stephey, Sandra Ciocio, Teresa Calarco, Rita Kuo and Hang Deng

Executive Sponsors

Membership is open to all LBNL employees. We ask that every member join one or more of the subcommittees that carries out the objectives of the WSEC. Subcommittees include: Policy, Networking and Empowerment.

WSEC Member Registration

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the WSEC Executive Committee at wsec-excom@lbl.gov.