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The Berkeley Lab Disability Inclusion ERG, All Access, advocates for a more accessible laboratory in design, in spirit and in operation. We work to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees and visitors and to serve as an information source for applicants, recruiters, managers and staff who have questions about disabilities, support and accommodations.

In this way, we seek to increase understanding and appreciation for individuals with disabilities, whether visible or not. We see ourselves as part of a larger effort to build a more inclusive and respectful community, knowing that when improvements are made to help one group, everyone benefits.

We will do this through such actions as:

  • Advocating at all levels for greater accessibility and identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Learning about and implementing best practices

  • Reaching out and collaborating with other lab groups, organizations and the broader community to leverage our resources

  • Communicating with the lab to raise the collective awareness about inclusion

  • Striving to become a leader for disability inclusion in the DOE and national lab community

ADA 30th Anniversary Week of Action

This month—July 26, to be exact—marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the landmark civil rights legislation that works to increase access and opportunity for people with disabilities across community life, including employment. The All Access Employee Resource Group has planned a Week of Action to raise awareness about disability inclusion and equality.

Click here for the full schedule of events.

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Past News & Events


  • Mental Health Initiative - Emalynn Robinson & Tom Gallant

  • Hearing Resources & Accessible Meetings - Phil Novak & Karyn Houston

Member Highlight

Misha Gonzalez

Misha Gonzalez, an architect in Facilities, was recently presented with the Kevin McCauley Memorial Outstanding Staff Award from UC President Janet Napolitano. In our Three Questions For series, we asked Gonzalez, a specialist in access, about what she is doing to improve accessibility at the Lab. More>>


All Access ERG co-chairs Misha Gonzalez and Emalynn Robinson share the benefits of an inclusive workplace and their vision for Berkeley Lab. Full story>>

Steering Committee

  • Communications - Aliyah Kovner

  • Finances - Jenny Brown

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