Latinx and Native Americans Association (LANA) ERG


The purpose of the LANA ERG is to:

  • Advance a diverse and inclusive work environment for Latinx and Native American employees

  • Develop a community of employees to celebrate the diverse cultures and unique gifts that Latinx and Native Americans bring to Berkeley Lab

  • Increase visibility and awareness of the LANA community through internal and external activities

  • Attract, retain, empower, and inspire Latinx and Native American employees to achieve their fullest potential across the spectrum of employment opportunities at Berkeley Lab

  • Bring awareness to Latinx and Native American students to STEM and Operations fields


  • Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples Day

  • Celebrate Day of the Dead

  • Speakers

  • Movies

Past News & Events

Member Highlights

Patricia Valdespino Castillo

Postdoc Patricia Valdespino Castillo conducts research at the intersection of omics and chemical imaging, is at the Lab as part of a UC-Mexico fellowship, and loves communicating about science with youngsters. Learn more about Castillo as part of Elements’ Hispanic Heritage Month series.

Jose Sierra

Jose Sierra is thankful for the sacrifice his parents made after leaving their native Guatemala, searching for a better life for their children. He shares his experiences with co-workers to help broaden their point of view. Learn more about Sierra as part of Elements’ Hispanic Heritage Month series.

Michael Espinosa

Biosciences Area senior administrator Michael Espinosa has empathy for those who feel different. Learn more about Espinosa as part of Element’s Hispanic Heritage Month series.

Merlin Lopez

Merlin Lopez, an electrical coordinator for the ALS-U project, emigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador, stays connected to his culture through food and music, and counts his parents as role models. Learn more about Lopez as part of Elements’ Hispanic Heritage Month series. Full Story>>

Steering Committee

Executive Sponsor

Blake Simmons, Division Director, Biological Systems and Engineering