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The purpose of the Lambda Alliance ERG is to enhance the work environment at Berkeley Lab for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and gender-nonconforming (LGBTQ+) employees and allies.  Our goal is to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, enhance policies of non-discrimination, create guidance for institutional processes, identify and address emerging issues or challenges, increase visibility and awareness, and recognize achievements impacting our community.  

The group is open to all employees, including LGBTQ and allies.  

The Lambda Alliance ERG helped create the Lab’s first Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines,  and created a list of resources related to pronouns in the workplace.

The Lambda Alliance ERG has recently launched its own website:

The new site highlights the co-chairs, the new Lambda Podcast series, the Gender Identity & Transitioning Guides, member highlights and more. Be sure to bookmark it! 

Pride 2020 Activities 

For more details, visit: Pride Month 2020: Coffee hours, Ted Talks, Movies & More


Past News & Events

2022 Accomplishments

Member Highlights

Kayd Miller 

Meet Kayd Miller, who has worked with the Berkeley Lab for just over one year as an administrative assistant for the National Microbiome Data Collaborative (NMDC) and Berkeley Lab’s KnowledgeBase (KBase) teams. Miller is also a co-chair of the Lambda Alliance ERG, which recently issued new “Gender Identity and Transition in the Workplace” document. Full interview>>

Daniel Gens 

Accountability, the “A” in IDEA, is something everyone can help create and promote at Berkeley Lab. In this Q&A, Daniel Gens discusses what accountability means to him, incorporating accountability into the work environment, and his personal commitment to making IDEA part of the culture at the Lab. Read more>> 

Tom Gallant

Last year Tom Gallant received the award for Exceptional Achievement in Diversity. Tom came to the Lab as a temp but is still here 20 years later. Read what receiving the award means to Tom. Full interview>>

Kelliane Parker

ERGs are the voice of the communities that they represent.  For the Lambda Alliance, we are the visible presence for a community that is often invisible. We give voice to people who may not feel safe showing up as their true selves.  Full interview>>


Executive Sponsor

Mary Maxon, Assistant Lab Director, Biosciences

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