Early Career Events

Workshop on Career Pathway Exploration with Josh Henkin

July 7, 2022; 12pm-130pm

Details: The universe of career options available to STEM graduates is widespread and exciting but daunting to many who might not know which path to take. This workshop guides participants through an exploration of the vast array of career options available and helps trainees understand the skills needed to achieve career success in their desired trajectory. Attendees will learn how to take a strategic approach to building career skills and networking, as early as possible during their academic training, to enhance and build a professional reputation. In addition to an introduction to these different types of careers, attendees will learn about the tools available to search and explore careers outside of academia along with tools they can use to identify how their values, interests, and skills align with potential careers of interest.

How to attend: Reach out to Juliane Mueller (julianemueller@lbl.gov) and Kelsey Miller (ksmiller@lbl.gov)

Carol Burns, Deputy Lab Director for Research and Chief Research Officer | January 18, 2022

The Early Career ERG (ECERG) hosted a virtual talk with Carol Burns, Berkeley Lab's Deputy Lab Director for Research and Chief Research Officer, on January 18, 2022, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Pacific.

Moderators: Arica Chhay, Julianne Mueller, Early Career ERG Co-Chairs; Janie Pinterits, Program Manager, IDEA Office. | Zoom participants: 196 attendees

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View Recording: 20220118 Carol Burns Early Career Talk.mp4 - Timestamps & Notes